Organic Herbs come from Shining Mountain Herb Farm, Ridgeway, Colorado

Nutrition, herbal remedies & natural medicine

Herbs and herbal medicines have been used over many years to help improve health. Whispering Weeds has been providing organic herbal products and organic herbal remedies for many years. Sold as capsules, powders, teas and extracts they are easy to take and all natural.

Andrew, the owner of Whispering Weeds, uses herbs from all parts of the country, and wildcrafts many of the herbs he uses in his products.

What’s New?

Detox Class -The change in the seasons is a great time to start a detox program. We have detox kits and a handy book that comes with the package to help you get started.

E-mail  Andrew  at if you have any questions about how to start your detox program. Purchase a Detox Kit online & start feeling clean & vitalized!

Power Foods

Most people do not get the nutrition the body needs especially when they are eating on the run. Eating a balanced blend of whole foods is important and our nutrition products will give your body the nutrients it needs to function in top gear.

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