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The circulation can tell a lot about the functions of the body. Cold feet, cold hands many of the problems with circulation can be seen in the extremities. Good circulation is more than warm feet and warm hands it is the way your body gets it nutrients.

Cayenne Extreme

Cayenne Extreme

Need to spice your life up? This tincture won't get you a date but Cayenne assists the circulatory system in every function. Try our HOT SHOT challenge for 14 days.
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The Hot Shot consist of 1 ounce of apple cider vinegar (organic raw and unfiltered ) and as many drops of Cayenne extreme as you can handle, start with 6-8 drops and increase by 1 drop each time you do a shot, best 5 minutes before meals, or as a wake me up in the afternoon. The challenge is to do this three times a day, for 14 days and see how you feel?

Ingredients: 2 types of Cayenne peppers; Habanaro pepper & Biro pepper.

We've been telling people about this simple thing to do for 23 years and everybody loves how they feel after, make sure its OK with your Doctor if you have any medical issues that would be effected by taking Cayenne!

Price: $34.00