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Cold & Flu
Respiratory Formula

Respiratory Formula

We all need air to survive and this formula has the ability to open up and clear the passages to get you breathing again. Purchase either tincture or tea, the tea will give you a soothing hot drink either will help chase away a chest cold.
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Tincture Ingredients: Wild crafted licorice root, osha root, lobelia inflata leaf, based in 100 proof vodka.

Tea Ingredients: Mullein, lobelia, silppery elm bark, marshmallow root, spearmint.

Price: $18.00

Sick n More - 4 oz

Sick n More - 4 oz

Feeling the effects of Back to School? Have more than art work coming home with the kids? Can be special ordered in other quantities.
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Whatever you feel you have or feel your getting, this combo of organic; apple cider vinegar, raw garlic, dandelion root, burdock root, wormwood, skullcap, black walnut, mullein leaf, uva-ursi leaf, marshmallow root & usnea will help. This combo goes toe to toe with any type of bug or virus you come across.

Price: $24.00

Echinacea Astragulus

Echinacea Astragulus

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Price: $20.00